El Chino is “The Chinese Snack Bar" that serves up Chinese and Mexican flavours.

After two successful years of running Robie St. Station, we decided to take on a passion project.  The result? A menu featuring only the things we love. A space kept small and intimate. A focus on quality.

In July 2016, El Chino opened its doors. It's a tiny space, tucked away behind tinted windows, hanging on the corner of the Halifax Common. At night, the neon lights beckoning through the darkened windows are the only sign of life within.  Upon entry, a welcoming wall of tequila and polished glassware greets and promises a variety of experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet date night or a niche hangout for dumplings and tacos, El Chino promises you easy snacks and good drinks.

We offer Mexican and Chinese snack food prepared from scratch, premium tequila, cocktails and local draft.